Image producer, 23, Mexico. I like my music loud, my movies bloody, my life chaotic and my food vegan.

16. July 2014


Omg yes please


my new band hoodie finally arrived last night so i get to finish winter in style. not the best angle shot ever [yay for looking man shaped ;\] but it had to be from the back to show off my abiding permanent love for Hours.It hit me as i started typing that i’ve been whirling and crying and screaming in the car and karate chopping fools to this album for more than a decade. so that’s what getting older feels like.On the other hand, i smashed Hospitality at maximum loudness a couple of days ago and it has only gotten better so maybe aging is not the worst thing. Now i just need them to come back to Aus before we’re all in nursing homes so i can go see them again instead of hiding under my bed like last time.