Image producer, 23, Mexico. I like my music loud, my movies bloody, my life chaotic and my food vegan.

#182 representing. (at Wicker Park Neighborhood)
Just a picture with one of my favorite bands and my favorite human after eating vegan pizza somewhere in Wicker Park, not big deal you know… 🙊🙌👊 #basement #basementuk #dimos #wickerpark #chicago  (at Dimo’s Pizza)
10. August 2014

I am traveling from fucking Mexico to see Basement live next week. The thing is, I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to make it until last week when I finally bought my plane tickets and yeah, tickets to the show are obviously sold out. So, if anyone knows of anyone selling tickets for any of the Chicago dates (or just want to hang out after the show), please message me!